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Advanced Strength Training
Conjugate Methods

What is Conjugate Methods?

Initially developed in the 1970s by the Russians, the conjugate system was designed to build the strongest athletes in the world. Westside Barbell later enhanced it into the training system we know today as Conjugate Methods. Westside Barbell is considered the strongest gym in the world... Literally!

The systems core areas of development include absolute strength, explosive speed, and training longevity. Athletes that adopt the Conjugate system regularly smash through training plateaus to reach their performance objective.

The strongest athletes in the world have embraced the Conjugate Method as the foundation of their training program

The Conjugate Strength Training Course

The Conjugate Strength Training Course is designed to expand a participant's knowledge of the back squat, bench press, deadlift, their variants, and accessory work. The course identifies and optimizes strengths, corrects weaknesses, and reduces exposure to injury in training and sport.

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