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When setting up a CrossFit 356 membership, you will get access to Wodify. Wodify is an essential tool that enhances your gym experience by allowing you to record your daily workout results and your overall progress. By using the application you can view the workouts before the class and reserve classes, allowing you to plan your week!  Read on for further information. 

What is Wodify?

Wodify is our go-to application that allows you to reserve classes and to view your athletic performance over a period of time to ensure you are progressing and reaching your fitness goals. Below is a simple overview of the newest Wodify Athlete App. Another Wodify application with a black background is available and can be used in a similar way.

Wodify Overview

Signing into your Account

When signing up, a username and password are sent to you via email, use these to log into the application. The Wodify Athlete App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store

Updating your Account

  1. Select the Athlete Profile icon on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Press ‘Profile Settings’ to access your information.

  3. From here, you can update your profile photo, change your password, edit your profile and more!

Viewing the daily workout & reserving classes

  1. Select the Classes icon on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Tap on a class time to view the Class Details and reserve a spot. Reservations open 48 hours before the scheduled class

Recording your workout performance

Once you’ve signed into a class, you’ll be able to access a performance card for each component of the days’ workout.

  1. Select the ‘Whiteboard’ icon on the bottom navigation bar to record your performance for each component of the workout and to view the days’ results for everyone.  Note: To view the Whiteboard results from a specific date, use the side arrows keys

  2. You can also record your results by selecting the ‘Classes’ [ ] icon from the bottom navigation bar, clicking into a class to get to the ‘Class Details’ page, and then tapping the ‘My Results’ button.


Remember! Anytime a Gold Star pops up next to a workout result, congratulate yourself because you just set a PR (personal record)!

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